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Meet Riley Parker

Katie Domschke, the queer songwriter and multi- instrumentalist behind indie-rock outfit Riley Parker started the band in 2015 after relocating to Nashville, TN from Pensacola, FL. Soon after arriving to Nashville, she joined a local group of songwriters called The Pizza Collective, whose only membership requirement was submitting a song a week to the group. Staying on with the collective for roughly two years, Domschke honed her songwriting skills through keen discipline, rarely missing a week.

Upon the release of Riley Parker’s first single, “Wilted,” NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest featured her band on their blog ‘Entries We Love.’ They wrote that [Wilted] ‘is like a comforting friend there to help soak up a melancholy feeling.” Riley Parker’s debut EP ‘Discover’ is a beautiful and tender collection of ballads and anthems through which Domschke weaves poignant, dreamlike observations on trepidation, self- doubt, and conviction throughout one’s quest for love while discovering one’s identity. The music presents itself earnestly and untainted by modern irony and hearkens to a more organic and hopeful era in indie-rock music. 

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